Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 - 5th Month Pre-Mission

January 2014

Centered and focused on Jesus Christ, we started with our married life-long desire to serve and the process of application.

We, Larry and Melanie completed and submitted an application to serve a full-time mission in January 2014. This was in response to strong promptings which we felt since November 2013 when we completed our 30-month inner city Service Mission to the Jefferson 1st Ward in Ogden, UT.

This required that we both give notice of termination and retirement from our employment with Riverdale City and IHC respectively.

The application process was very comprehensive and included very detailed information about our backgrounds both in the church and in life experiences.  This along with exhaustive medical and dental examinations, tests, etc.

Having completed the application process we notified and had a brief interview with our Bishop Adam Hall that we were ready to submit it to SLC headquarters and see if and where the Lord wanted us to serve.  A couple of weeks later we were interviewed by our Riverdale Stake President David DeYoung and the application package was sent off via cyberspace.

Now we await the call!   ♫ ♫ ♫

According to Elder Oaks of the Twelve, this is how it proceeds.  Two computer screens, one with info about the missionary, one with info about the needs of the 400+ missions around the world.  Then add the fasting Apostle acting for the Prophet and the Lord and you get the revelation and assignment.

I recently assigned missionaries, a sacred responsibility for which we always come fasting. I assigned 240, my share of the 1,047 (which includes young missionaries, senior couples, and senior sisters) whose papers were ready for assignment last week. We are assisted in this sacred experience by a member of the Missionary Department staff, who keeps records and manages the computer screens on which we view the essential information on elders and sisters and the needs (including languages) of our more than 400 missions in the world.
These pictures show Dwayne Saviano and I at work in that missionary assignment meeting.
To those of you who have served or will serve missions, thanks for your willingness to serve. We pray that the Lord will bless you in and for your missionary labors.
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