Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014 - Last Month Pre-Mission

May 2014

It is definitely getting more and more exciting now!  The days are passing by quickly and the date of our departure is rapidly approaching.  We are spending much of this month wrapping up some of the minor mission details and preparations.  

We've been enjoying visits with our family and friends almost daily. It's been a regular weekly joy to have Elizabeth and Noah on Tuesday afternoons.

Seems like we're also running into some "last-chance-to-do-this" type of things now so working our remaining schedule is growing a little tighter.

In addition to the mission stuff, we have birthdays this month for Lilia (9th), my mother (16th), and Annie (25th),
Mother's Day, Memorial Day, a wedding shower for Lilia, Jeremy's fiance, and planning our end of their wedding Friday, June 13th before we leave on June 16th, etc.

May 25th at 2:40 p.m. we spoke in our Riverdale 8th Ward Sacrament Meeting.  We were so happy to see many of our friends and family at the meeting.  Our kids and family prepared a wonderful meal we shared at our home afterwards while we took a little time for some 'last visits' before we leave.

We thought we'd take a few family pictures since everyone was there.

Front:  Noah, Elizabeth, Jack; Kneeling: James Liza, Marlie, Abbi;
Next: Annie, Larry, Melanie, LaVaun, Jimmy, Amber;
Back: Jeremy, Lilia, Bryan, Wendy, Tiffani, Cody, Joey, Jake.

Front:  Elizabeth, Noah, Jack,   Back:  Bryan, Marlie, Abbi, Liza, James.

Dale Hunter, LaVaun, Larry

Our plate is pretty full, but we're happy and enjoying each day!  ♫

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