Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 5 - Jun 29th - Jul 5th, 2014 - Start of Month 2

June 29 - July 5 --- Start of Month 2

We met a nice member couple, the O'Moore's at church and visited with them and their two children, Nathan 11, and Rachel 8, at their home.  They are both returned missionaries and natives of South Africa.  He's an IT consultant and she's a self-employed accountant.  Nice people, good visit, some good treats.

Monday we met our new mission president and his wife, Michael and Linda Dunn.  They seem very nice and personable and enthused about serving.  We look forward to getting to know them better.  Wednesday evening we went over to the mission home where they will live and had a meeting with them along with some of the other missionaries.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both long 12-hour days which each started very early in the morning for furniture deliveries.  Melanie spent many hours shopping for furnishings, etc. for the flats and I went out with some other senior Elders to deliver the stuff with our little truck and trailer.

Nice reflectors for a pre-dawn start.

Load, unload, and reload is the order of things here, lots of times repeated.

Glad to have four Elders when it comes to moving the fridge in.  Not only did they get a new fridge, we actually brought the old one back in for some reason which is beyond me.  If they can't make it work and we replace it, it's probably not going to make it anywhere here but maybe the shanty town.

Friday we had a cookout with some other senior couples to celebrate the 4th of July.  We had some really good food and apple pie and ice cream to top it off.  Our hosts were the Pres of the MTC and his wife, the Collins.

Melanie, Sister Davie, Sister Pier seated, Elders Dummer and Davie on the MTC Pres's new patio.

With Sister and Pres Collins of the Johannesburg MTC.

Friday night we met up with Elder Ben and Sister Jill Jones and had dinner with them and a nice visit and a good time.

The Porterhouse restaurant is supposedly one of the favorites of the Senior Couples in our mission, it was pretty good and quite inexpensive.

We had some good food and a nice visit to celebrate the evening of the 4th of July!

Saturday was supposed to be P-day, but instead it turned into another 10-hour day doing flat inspections and loading up the truck and trailer again so a new flat could be set up for a new senior couple coming in next week.

Nice little Nissan quad cab with a small trailer that holds everything necessary to furnish a senior couple flat.  Glad I had a little help loading all this stuff.

Sister Taylor is a good trainer, a great professional baker, and an inexhaustible shopper!  She ran Melanie in circles and in and out of some dangerous auto traffic too.

This has been a great week, very busy, sort of hard, and over 60 hours of good work.  We're both ready for the Sabbath so we can rest up a bit.

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