Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week 11 - Aug 10th - 16th, 2014

Sunday, August 10th - Saturday August 16th

After the block meetings the bishopric called us in to ask us to be the ward YSA advisor couple and teach their Gospel Doctrine class.  We told him we would need to check with our Pres first but they already had and he said yes.  So off we go in our spare time, ha, but it should be another great experience for us.  They have 20 or more that show up for Sunday School.

We had Sunday dinner with Elder and Sister Jones, Ben and Jill, and it was another nice time together with them.  So good to see them from time to time.

Our week was filled with activity and people.  Our work should have been properly stated do all that you can with housing, utilities, household furnishings, cell phones, shopping and delivering but while you're at it learn to deal with interruptions because your days will be full of them.  Most days it is a challenge to do what is expected in spite of, or all while dealing with urgent situations, keys locked in trunk, or keys that won't open front doors, or, still most challenging, appliances that aren't working.

Anyway, another full and busy week, a solo 4-hour trip to make some deliveries for me.  

My furniture and appliance delivery truck and trailer.  A fridge and some beds, chairs, table and desk today.  Elders from left are from Kenya, Finland, and South Africa.  Good helpers to unload for me.

More and more shopping for Melanie.  Mission life sure isn't what it was like for me 46 years ago.  Back then we took care of our own needs and the mission only sent us the proselyting materials we needed.  Now today our duties require us to take care of almost all of the missionaries day-to-day living needs with the exception of their food and personal care items only.  So about 200 missionaries and 100 apartments and providing is not only a big chore it is a recurring weekly chore.  Then the emergencies occur which simply spice things up for us, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, but we love them and wouldn't have it any other way.

Melanie is such a great face to the mission office for the Elders and others who come and go here.  She is so patient with me too, no small accomplishment!  Love her, she's a terrific companion.

Our week closed up with a wonderful evening Friday when Elder Carl Cook called and spoke with Melanie and invited us to dinner with him and Lynette.  It was a great reunion and visit.  We talked and talked, ate some and talked some more for a couple of hours.  So good to reminisce and visit about old times and families etc.  But most enjoyable to be able to talk about being here in South Africa and hooking up with them and doing the Lord's work here.  Wow, it's just terrific!  We'll see them again sometime, but we're all really busy with our own duties.  We love the Cook's.

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