Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week 31 - Dec 28th, 2014 - Jan 3rd, 2015 - A Year ends and a Year begins - Start of Month 8

Sunday, December 28th 2014 - Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

This week started out quite busy.  We had prepared for our final YSA SS lesson which was a review of the Old Testament lessons which we studied for the year.  Melanie did a great job of preparing and reviewing the year by pictures with a series of pictures from the Gospel Art book.  We had a good spirit and discussion in our class.

Then it was my turn to teach the fourth Sunday lesson for the High Priests, which turned out to include the Elders as well, a group of about 25-30.  This lesson was derived from Pres Monson's April conference talk:  Love - the Essence of the Gospel.  I learned some good things and we were all edified together and felt a good spirit among us.

We will miss the members here in the Roodepoort Ward when we leave now to go do MLS up north to Polokwane.

Even being another Holiday week with New Year's, for those of us in the office it was pretty much work as usual.  We did get a chance on New Year's Eve to go to dinner together which was nice.   Then on the Saturday following we got together again for a little shopping, sightseeing trip to Mandela Square in Joburg followed by a nice lunch.

The Thompson's, the Allred's and the Hansen's.

Great food here - Melanie's chicken sandwich lunch.

Some of the best tasting spaghetti I've had, yummm! 

We did enjoy video calls back home again for Happy New Year wishes to our family.   Not sure how well we would cope if we didn't enjoy this blessing of these wonderful video calls back to those we love so much at home.  Got to see both the oldest and the youngest members of our family already in 2015, my mother and our new grandson Henrik, born Dec 6th 2014.

Henrik with Mom Tiffani, Aunt Wendy.

Henrik with Aunt Wendy and my Mom LaVaun.

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