Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 37 - Feb 8th - 14th, 2015

Sunday, February 8th to Saturday, February 14th 2015

Blog posts will resume after daughters return to USA with updates, pictures, etc.

We started this week with District (ie. Stake) Conference which was held in Tzaneen over the mountain about 1 1/2 hour drive NE of us.  We had an adult session on Saturday 4-6 and then drove back home and back to Conference a hardship for the members to get transportation to and from these sessions so attendance does decrease quite a bit.  Our Elders, Dye and De La Cruz do not attend the adult session, but we did give them a ride over to the General Session on Sunday.  They are really good Elders.

This Tzaneen District is mission dependent as well as all of the Branches that comprise the District.  Pres. Dunn has challenged the people to continue to build strength so they can eventually become a Stake with Wards.   Right now though, Melanie and I are focused on our little Group of the Polokwane Branch called the Seshego Group.   Our group could become a Branch within the next year or maybe less if the members continue to become strong.  Sister Dunn gave a marvelous sermon on changing one's heart!

Got word that my good friend Dave Blackner from Riverdale died on Monday the 9th.

We took the Elders to a Crocodile Ranch on their p-day.   This place has well over 20,000 crocodiles.   They raise them for their leather and supply it to Gucci of Italy.  It was an interesting day, including the Crocodile burgers we had for lunch!

Melanie and I continue our visits with those in our group who hold leadership positions so we can all become better acquainted and so we can teach them about 'shadow leadership' which is a new concept to them.  We've told them that they shall function in their callings and we will be there to support them and assist in an appropriate manner so they can become strong leaders.

We met at the Polokwane chapel for some training in Family History presented by a senior couple from the Area office.  It was good training and some of our group members attended as well.  We learned that our Polokwane Branch and our Seshego group lead the District in the number of names submitted for temple work and for the percentage of our members participating.  This is good!

After our District Meeting on Friday, Melanie and I completed our preparations for something our weekly basketball activity for the youth.   We had even more show up this week about 18 kids.  It's getting some traction so we hope to use it for fun and for finding missionary opportunities as well.   We've gotten two good contacts each week so far.

Valentine's Day we spent checking our our groups seminary and institute which is taught on Saturday afternoons.   Then later we made another leadership visit with the Assistant to our 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency, Brother Sefara and his wife and daughter.

Thus ends another great week in South Africa Johannesburg Mission!

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