Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 40 - March 1st - 7th, 2015 - Start of month 10

Sunday, March 1st to Saturday, March 7th 2015

The new week started off with a wonderful baptism for Bro. Elias and wife Betty Mashishi's daughter Nkgodisheng who turned 8.   It was also Bro. Mashishi's birthday on the same Sunday, he turned 62.   He is a rock and such a strength to this little group of pioneer saints in Seshego!   We love him and his little family.

Monday, March 2nd the calendar tells us our mission is 1/2 over, wow!   The time flies by.   We have so much work to do and service to render in our new assignment as Seshego.  We pray we can accomplish what the Lord wants us to do here for these wonderful people whose hearts seem so pure and tender in the gospel.

We were shopping at Makro and a salesperson came up to me and said he felt impressed to cross through the store to the area where I was looking at some things.   Then he said he 'saw an angel over where I was' so he thought he should approach me.   Then he saw my badge and greeted me and said he was new in the area and was a member with a wife and 5-month old son still living in Pretoria.  He wanted to be with them.  We talked and Melanie joined us.  He had such a good nature about him.   Later I told Pres Winward, the Branch President about him so he could follow up with him.

Each week on Tuesday we have a correlation meeting and briefing with our Seshego Elders, Dye and De La Cruz.   They are great Elders and work hard and are having some real success.   We like to go teaching with them when they invite us.

Had a very nice first-time video call with my sister LaRena and her husband Lee.  Just sort of happened on to it as a trial to see if it would work and it did.  It was very nice to see her and talk with her.  Maybe now she can help my Mom video with us a little more easily as well.

We got some bitter/sweet news this week that our daughter-in-law Tiffani, our son Cody's wife, and her two kids, Elizabeth 5 and Henrik 3 months got crashed into by a truck and totaled their Camry.   Good news was no serious injuries, thank God for His blessings, the car will be replaced.

We held another session of basketball at Seshego with ever changing progress and success.  We even had a few little fellows join so Melanie had them doing some things as well.   It is fun and it is interesting to see how this BB project unfolds.

Freddy the basketball player.
Our week finished up on Saturday with some good and some interesting visits at Seshego and with Jimmy Letsoalo at the care center.  Seems he has a fellow resident who isn't playing with a full deck or maybe even has a few extra cards hidden in there some where.  Anyway, this lady, Renee Venzer, joined our visit and after quite a while she wanted a blessing which I gave her.   She sort of joined on at the end praying herself, but when it was over she left content and feeling better.

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