Traffic-newPolokwane – More than 10 million pilgrims are expected to descend on Limpopo ahead of the Easter weekend. The pilgrims are mainly from neighbouring provinces and neighbouring countries.
Millions of pilgrims are expected in Moria to attend the annual Easter church service.
“Easter weekend church services are zealously attended and members use whatever mode of transport they can find to get to Moria. Some come by foot, others by car, bicycle, bus, car and taxi. This does pose a traffic congestion challenge and through the intersection we are hoping to make it easy for traffic to flow while at the same time enhancing safety,” said SANRAL’s spokesperson Vusi Mona.
Besides the traffic from all over the country as well as from neighbouring countries heading to Zion City in Moria, thousands of people,  mainly economic migrants and holiday makers, also make their way through Limpopo over this weekend.
As a result, the major arterial routes and ports of entry become congested. This impact has particularly been felt on the R71 going to Moria, which experiences extra-ordinary traffic during the Easter period when the Zion Christian Church and St Engenas Christian Church members converge at Moria in what is the biggest Christian gathering in South Africa.