Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 14 - Aug 31st - Sep 6th, 2014 - Start of Month 4

Sunday, August 31st to Saturday, September 6th

A busy week shown with pictures.

No more need for breaks, just need to leave the workstation to drive the truck and deliver furniture etc. and then head home in the evening.

The old Brown Hat makes it's rounds:

Elder Stephens, Roy, UT, 2nd Assistant to the President

Elder Davies, Australia, 1st Assistant to the President.

Elder Dthembu, Durban, S. Africa

Elder Xalabile, South Africa.

Elder Dzowa, Malawi.

Elder Nicotra, Italy.

Even Melanie couldn't resist the force of the old Brown hat.

Happy Elder Hansen's moving crew.

My new special summer edition hat takes a turn as well.

New Senior Couple arrived on Wednesday, 3 September, Elder and Sister Allred from Lindon, UT.

Elder Allred's turn.

Sister Dunn celebrating her Birthday, special little hammer too!  (She and I share a touch of this strong trait, 'When you're a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail, so hit it!')

The first senior couple flat Melanie and I prepared was for the Allred's who just arrived this week.  This is a fairly typical flat for a senior couple.

Living room area.

Kitchen also includes the washer and dryer, but no dishwasher, we do those by hand here.

They actually have a counter along with their table.

Queen beds, closets are in a hall adjacent to the bedroom.

Nice bathroom, but the tub/shower only covers part of the area so like many flats water on the floor gets to be an issue.

Another transfer day, they are both wonderfully exiting and can also get a little wild.

Who's going with who and we meet up again, gets exciting for them each six weeks.

My four Madagascar Elder friends (Elder second from left is South African).  Two shorter ones are going home today.  Elder in white sweater converted four years ago at 19 as the only member from his family, great strong testimony and missionary.

Two new Elders today,  Elder Broadhead, St. George, UT. and Elder Heaps, Kaysville, UT.

Not sure where he got this bow and arrow, but he's happy to show me how it works, sorry about the flat tire Elders!

Finally after three months we got a chance for a temple trip so we took our new Senior Couple with us and enjoyed a wonderful time at the Johannesburg Temple.

Same fellow, Moroni here too.

Temple dedicated in 1985 is just north of the central business district in a nice part of this large urban city.

Melanie with Sister Allred.

On a terrace overlooking the beautiful Temple grounds.

Happy little missionary couple.

Such a nice and creative landscaping area.

Some of Melanie's favorites:

Beautiful Sister Missionary and a nice large palm tree.

She got the bee in the Lily.

A little color as well.

Some young Dr. Seuss Lorax trees in the making.

Koi pond at the bottom of the stream that flows across part of the Temple grounds towards the Area offices.

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