Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 17 - Sep 21st - 27th, 2014

Sunday, September 21st to Saturday, September 27th

After church we met the Keller's, he's a Dr. from Memphis, Missouri and she's the former Blanche Belliston from Ogden, UT and Ben Lomond HS.  I know her brothers.  They were here on a hunting safari and brought 3 large suitcases full of clothing for the missionaries who can't afford to buy for themselves.   So nice of them.

We are so happy for the video calls home to the kids and grandkids!  It helps a lot to make the re-connections each week.

We had a washing machine to replace on Monday on the east side of Joburg.  The used washer we took leaked very badly so we ended up having to locate a store to get a new one for the Elders.  They don't get dryers though, just drying racks or clotheslines.

Found the right store.  The prices are in Rand, just move the decimal one place to the left for approx US $ cost.

I'm getting so I can drive this outfit with trailer about anywhere now thanks to some practice and a lot of divine intervention.

Our loading crew of Elders, all from different countries.  Elder Tumare on the right is from Bora Bora of the Tahiti Islands.  He like to tease me and call me Grandma because I'm an old man not as strong as he is.

In the meantime, the Pres. got involved in some Rugby and Soccer with the Elders.  He's probably in better shape than most of them and had fun getting down with them.

We held a senior couple's FHE with dinner and enjoyed some great company and visiting with five other couples.  Next time in October is our turn to get it organized.

This week was special for us as our Grandson Bryan was baptized on Tuesday.  We are so happy for him and his family!

Jeremy, Bryan, Lilia, Liza

Give Bryan a couple more years and he just might be suited up too as an Elder and a Missionary!

Wednesday was a national holiday 'Heritage Day'.  Most everything was closed down, except the mission office of course.  We had a fairly normal day.  The CES staff invited us over for some culture celebration food.  Elder Khumbalani, an Area Seventy, horsed with me so I got him to dance with me in front of everyone.  "Ugga Bugga, Ugga Bugga, three times with hands waving and bums shaking and then, "Ongouwa" three times.   Then I asked him if he know what Ongouwa meant and he said no,  I told him it was what Tarzan called to get the animals moving.  Fun time with him.

Took a trip up to Pretoria with Melanie to scope out the housing so we can relocate four elders by November 1st to a new flat.  Some interesting places and history up there, now we just need to find a safe and appropriate place for them.

Saturday we helped one of our guards, 'Mike' celebrate his birthday by getting him and his co-worker guard some lunch.  Mike is a good friend and trusts us and is learning the gospel.  He's got quite a story about his life and growing up as an orphan and just struggling to survive day-to-day.

Mike on the left.  Arthur between us holding the scriptures.

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