Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 19 - Oct 5th - 11th, 2014

Sunday, October 5th to Saturday, October 11th

The week started much different than we've ever been used to.  We had Fast Sunday and regular block meetings.  Here in South Africa they don't see General Conference on the same schedule as in the US.  They view DVD's of it later in the month.  We were really happy that our young guard Mike would attend Sacrament Meeting with us today.  We hope the Elders can teach him and help him keep moving along the path.

God speaks to the eyes as well as to the ears!

We understand it's getting to be fall back home but the spring flowers are bursting out all over the place here in Africa.  Melanie caught some of them to share.

These purple jacaranda trees are blossoming out everywhere now.

In the meantime the new feature movie "Meet the Mormons" opened.  We didn't get to see it, but a very dear friend of ours must have and sort of showed up in this exclusive photo op.

Who's it with Mitt Romney and Elder Holland?  Could it be Elder Carl Cook of the Seventy?

But we did get to go over to the President's mission home on Sunday evening to see the Sunday morning session live on his BYU-TV.  We had a nice get together meal with the other Senior Couples here too and watched it after we ate.

This week I worked on lease files, renewals, etc. and continued hunting for a flat up in the Pretoria area.  Maybe this one can turn into something that will work?  It's a 3 bedroom home owned by a member that hasn't been lived in for over 6 months and needs a little tender loving care before we would plop our four Elders in here, but at least it's in a safe area.

Melanie and I also did a few flat inspections to make certain the Elders are taking care of their living quarters.  They actually did quite well this time around, at least in the Pretoria area where we have the duty there.

Something a little unusual here.  We rarely if ever see a cemetery but while up north in Pretoria we actually saw two of them and got this picture of one of them.

Also, it might seem strange to us at home in the USA, but here in South Africa many of the locks use 'Skeleton' keys.  And they are all numbered and readily available at most any hardware store just buy them by their number and your in!

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