Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 21 Oct 19th - 25th, 2014

Sunday, October 19th to Saturday, October 25th

We had a Senior's Family Home Evening and Melanie put it together with a Halloween theme and did a terrific job.  It is fun to be with some of the other Senior missionaries who are close by once in a while for some FHE and food and visiting.

Other than the usual office work and shopping for supplies, etc. we did go north to close a lease on a new flat for some Elders who had been burglarized a couple of times.  We needed to get them into a safer area.  Then on Saturday we made the big move with two trucks (bakkies) each with a trailer full to overflowing.  Had to put extra air into some tires to make it work okay.

Two bakkies each with a trailer, Melanie is not driving, she's in the passenger side.

Elder Hansen supervising (not lifting today) with Elder Allred arranging and Elder Wambua loading.

Six great Elders (happy too) Four Senior Missionaries, and four little boys who were happy to join in the picture.

Elder's Pulley (Oceanside, CA), Watenga (Uganda), Wambua (Kenya), and Tukia (Tonga).

Some interesting African metal art work for sale along the road-side.  These were beautiful and about 6' tall.

Can you believe gray pumpkins?  These are not unusual here.  We saw these in a Dutch shopping area market.  They look normal on the inside though, probably like people who have different skin colors look the same on the inside I suppose.

This windmill is also a restaurant and has a very beautiful area with shops and gardens.  The Dutch influence is rather pervasive through South Africa even to the Afrikaans language.

Our jacaranda tree in the front yard is looking nice and purple then the blossoms will fall and the ground will have a purple cover for a while.

Remember Mr. Magoo?  They use him over here to advertise these 15% returns to lure those who are willing to invest in housing.  With inflation and with typical annual rental increases in the 7 to 10% range I suppose 15% would be possible.

Melanie would have loved the metal birds, but we don't have the money for them nor the space so she bought this little warthog of welded metal.  He's about 6" tall and 10" long.

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