Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 27 - Nov 30th - Dec 6th - Start of Month 7

Sunday, November 30th to Saturday, December 6th

First the biggest news of the week.  We have a new Grandson!  Henrik Odin Hansen, was born on Saturday, December 6th to our son Cody, wife Tiffani, and his sister Elizabeth.  Blessed we all are, everything went well.  Mom and son are doing well.  God has blessed us in a wonderful way.

In other news, we moved another flat of Elders this week.

We began training the Allred's to become our Office Couple replacements for when we transfer in January up to our new Member Leadership Support assignment in Polokwane.  We've been blessed to have them working close with us since they arrived in September.  They will do a great job!  In the Sisters shopping trip picture below, the Allred's are standing on the left side.

We assisted with the Mission Leadership Council Meeting lunch for the Zone Leaders.  These are some of the best of the best Elders in the mission!

And we took a little p-day shopping trip with some other Seniors to a place that only the Sisters would love.

But all in all, it was another great week, crowned with the happy sights on our video call of our new Grandson Henrik, 'Henry', 'Rik', or as Elizabeth his sister would say 'Watermelon Guy'.

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