Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 26 - Nov 23rd - 29th, 2014

Sunday, November 23rd to Saturday, November 29th

Monday the 24th, our dear little Plain City, UT granddaughter Marlie (Jimmy and Amber's oldest) celebrated her 11th Birthday.  She turned us into Grandparents when she was born!  Happy Happy Day.

Tuesday, the 25th was the biggest transfer day in the history of the mission only a handful of the Elders were not affected by change this week.   It was a wonderfully spiritual experience in the meeting and a very electric and excited parking lot afterwards.

These twelve are going home now and are waiting to walk the new Elders over from the MTC to the chapel.
Ready, set, go to work!
Some real excitement follows the transfer meeting in the chapel.

Thanksgiving Day and Friday Senior Couple's Dinner

Aside from the nail prints and lest we forget, He has the whole world in His hands.  (Well maybe for some parts of Africa, South America, etc. but He's got them covered too.)

Melanie's thankful tree filled with leaves written by all of us and many of the Elders.

At the mission home with many other senior couples.  No turkey though.  A small one over here about 7-8 lbs costs about $40.

Christmas Decorating African style with some things Melanie got from a Carver and a couple of shops.

Carved nativity - closed then opened.

Carved gourd - closed then opened.

On a sad note we were informed of deaths in the family this week.  The first was our Daughter-in-law's maternal Grandmother McKinley.  The second was my cousin DeLone Smith Haye's husband Roger.  Our heart-felt condolences and regards to them and their family as they deal with their loss.  God bless them!

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