Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week 50 - May 10th - 16th, 2015

Sunday, May 10th, Mother's Day to Saturday, May 16th, Mom's Birthday, 2015

This had to be one of those unique calendar weeks that in my life should be more appropriately renamed Mother's week since it contained both Mother's Day and my Mother's Birthday in the same week!  Special, special!

We did host our young Elders for Sunday dinner and helped them be able to video call their families for Mother's Day.  It was a special semi-annual time for them and fun for us as well.  And, as usual, the food Melanie fixed was great!

At church we watched both Saturday sessions of General Conference with our Group.   We will watch the Sunday sessions in two weeks on May 24th.  They have been such a spiritual lift for us all and we love the underlying 'family' theme too.  But, we are still searching for enough grass to 'keep off' of where we meet.

This Mother's Day was special for us, for the Elder's and for those at home who made do without us this year.  We did have the Elders over though for Sunday dinner and to provide for their semi-annual video calls home.  Topped it off with some very delicious raspberry topped chocolate parfaits Melanie made for us, yummmmmmm!

Melanie saw this little woodpecker in our back yard and had to put him in our blog.  There seem to be quite a few of these around here in South Africa and they're sort of colorful too.

We had two special events on Friday of this week.  The first was a special Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration activity and lunch at the local Chinese place, Yummy's.   Food was good and company was even better with these great Elders.

L-R Elder Compton, District Leader, Elder Henderson, Zone Leader, Elder Togiatomai, Zone Leader, Elder Roberts Seshego Area, Elder Menendez Seshego Area, Elder Lybe, Mokopane Area, Melanie and I.

The second Friday activity was our BB at Seshego with the kids which is so much fun.   They count on being with us each week.  Today we also had four Elders there to help with the 30+ kids.  Our ZL's joined with our Seshego Elders to assist.

The hit of the day was probably Melanie's Primary music with their pictures downloaded on the songs.   They sing along, they do actions, they swarm her, in short, they love her!

And to wrap it up, our visit to Jimmy on Saturday included a new picture collage of 'the hat' with him the centerpiece and star.  We added one more picture to go along with the elephant and the crocodile among other famous characters.  We put it on his wall and got him a small laser pointer so he could point one out and then tell a story of 1,000 words about each of them if he chooses.   He loved it and he laughs and he makes us feel happy and we love him.

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