Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 51 - May 17th - 23rd, 2015

Sunday, May 17th - Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

This Sunday started out with good meetings and wrapped up with an ordination for our recent young convert Navin Mnisi to Priest.  Then a special group Council meeting where Melanie and I tried to help them learn to focus and work together a little bit better to accomplish meaningful things to strengthen themselves and the members.  It went fairly well, but time will tell how it works.

We had a couple of good experiences placing Books of Mormon this week, one with a petrol station attendant who greeted us happily and said he was "glad to see you come back, where is my Bible?"

The other to an Afrikan banana farmer in Tzaneen while we were en route to complete an assignment for Pres. Dunn at the Lenyenye Branch with the Branch President Kekana.

The banana farmer, Donovan, I had to track down to repay him for two green bananas which my daughter Annie and I picked when she and Wendy were here in February.   

Took us a while to complete the 'confession and restitution' (R1.80 for fresh ripe yellow ones, and R1.80 for the green ones we picked), but we found him to be not only very surprised that we would attempt to find him but very willing to receive a Book of Mormon.   He knew of Mormons and SLC.  He knew of us having a congregation in Tzaneen and of our Elders.   I told him to talk to them about the B of M when he saw them next time.   A neat experience.

Pres. Kekana has a wonderful congregation and chapel in Lenyenye too.  He's working hard at growing the attendance and having some good success.

The latter part of the week Melanie came down with being 'snarfy', which is our family's definition of having flu-like symptoms without the fevers and bad aching, guess that makes it just a bad cold?   Anyway, that took us out of our temple trip to Joburg with the Branch since we didn't want anyone to be exposed.

We ate some good chicken soup for a couple of days which always works wonders and a great comfort food when you're not feeling great.

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