Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 54 - June 7th - 13th, 2015

Sunday, June 7th to Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Some favorite pictures and activities this week.

Sonia Kekana and Gwen Molepo from our Seshego Group after church wearing 'the hat'.

Monday morning we woke up to a fairly cool flat 61.1F.  The lowest so far this winter.  The hottest in our flat was our first night here, 89F.

Monday, p-day, we got to take our departing Elder Menendez and his companion Elder Tumarae over the hill to Tzaneen to the Agatha Croc farm for a fun visit, tour, see and hold etc. good time!

While there we stopped at our banana farmer friend Donovan's store to say hello and buy one terrific box of his fresh bananas, man they taste good!

Out in the Seshego area this week over in Letulie Park Melanie wanted to get a picture of this Dr's sign.   He'll do surgery, whatever, just like Dr. Nick Rivera.

At our Friday BB this week we had 25-30 kids again plus this week one of the Elder's contacts Georgina came with her son and his friend from Zone 4 across the township.  She visited with Melanie and was very friendly.  These kids swarm Melanie more and more to see themselves on her ipad along with their pictures on the primary songs app she's downloaded.  It's fun!

Also got word Friday that our daughter Annie who was here with Wendy in February had to have emergency surgery for appendicitis.  All went well we're happy to report.

Saturday we visited at Molepo's and had to get a picture of Gma Molepo in her special dress (she was going to a wedding).  She was very flattered and quite proud of her dress.

All in all, another terrific week here in South Africa!  God bless.

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