Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 55 - June 14th to 20th, 2015

Sunday, June 14th to Saturday, June 20th, 2015

A couple of weeks ago we passed the one-year mark on our 18 month mission.   This week we passed the one-year mark of being here in South Africa.   We arrived in Johannesburg on June 18th of last year.

We went to Joburg to see Ben and Jill and to say goodbye to them as they will return home on the 22nd.  We had a nice lunch together and then accompanied them to their Family Home Evening meeting with the other Area Senior Couples.  They each gave very good reports of their mission service.   We are thankful to have some wonderful shared memories with them here in South Africa!

We enjoyed stopping by the Mission Office and to say hi again to our friends there before returning to Polokwane.

Our RS President, Mary Lamola lost her car key over a week ago so Melanie and I went to the Nissan dealership to see if we could assist her in getting them to replace it for her, no small task as we would learn.   Their dealer has an interesting way for people to rate the service on a scale of 1-10 he shows the following which sort of insures a misleading final score on the high end, makes 9 look questionable and 8 look unhappy?

Spent some more time in the Area visiting while delivering pictures and flowers to some who had been ill.

Melanie and I were able to take Elder Menendez to a departing dinner at the local Cape Town Fish Market restaurant.  He and Elder Tumarae really liked the all you can eat sushi dinner!

Friday we attended a funeral for one of the Polokwane Branch members, Sister Elizabeth Pohotona.  It was quite an experience to behold with the music, singing, chanting, traditional and cultural parts.   The Church funeral part was highlighted by a talk by her friend and member Sister Mimi Rametse (a member of only six years) who gave one of the most powerful funeral sermons I've ever heard about the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had another large turnout this week again for our Seshego community BB activity.   Lately we've been getting 25-30 kids there and now thankfully with four Elders to assist with 'crowd control' and teaching and training.   Today we had three member kids show up from the Molepo family too!  One of the Elder's investigators a mother with two boys showed up again for the second week in a row.   She had a good visit with Sister Hansen while the BB was going on and when it was over the Elders had another appointment scheduled with her.

And, as usual, one of the biggest highlights of our week as it concluded was the weekly visit with our friend and brother Jimmy Letsoalo at the care center.   He is a wonderful faithful man and brother, we love him!

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