Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 74 - Oct 25th - 31st, 2015

Sunday, October 25th - Saturday, October 31st, 2015

This Sunday we started viewing the October conference sessions by DVD.   We began with the General Women's Session and finished with the General Priesthood Session.  We will watch the other Saturday and Sunday sessions on alternating Sundays beginning after November Fast Sunday.  So, on the 8th and the 22nd we'll finally get to learn who the three new Apostles are, ha!

Monday morning early before we did chores and office work we took an hour to drive across town to the Polokwane Game Reserve.  We had heard the Elders say it was sort of worth seeing some animals and for some of them that is all they might get to see anyway.   It had rained the night before and we were the first car in of the day and driving on the dirt roads we could see our tire tracks and some animal tracks on the road.   Here's a little bit of what we got to see.  And all of this for the total pensioner's (retiree's) cost of R75 or about $6.00.

Then, bringing back some memories for me especially, I took a turn to hang up some laundry on the lines.   Over here many people use their clotheslines because many of them don't have dryers.   And, of those that have dryers, they are hesitant to use them because they are usually not vented to the outside and so it creates heat in an already very warm flat almost all without the blessing of A/C.

As we spent much of our time this week preparing for our time in Pretoria next week to train the new Sr. couple, the Hawkins, we needed to go back to the Winward's senior flat to retrieve some household items that Sister Wilson wanted to have us bring down to Pretoria.   So, since we won't be closing the flat we took some pictures of the items we left behind so when the time comes those that need to know will have an idea what is still there for them to deal with.

We had a little search and rescue operation going on one night this week.  Melanie screamed for help removing an African intruder from our bedroom.  It took a while and it took tearing apart and reassembling our bedroom to do it, but I finally caught him and after one flush from me and three from Melanie he was gone forever and she was safe once again.

We needed to go to the Molepo family to take some Primary things Melanie had been working on and to share a couple of pictures with Gpa Nelson and Gma (Gogo) Evaline of them and us together which we took a few weeks ago and which they requested that we bring to them.   We love this family very much!  Their dashunds had three puppies so we got them with a few of the kids, and another with Gma Evaline.

We finished up our week with our regular visit to see Jimmy.  Today though he had sort of lined up his 'teaching pool' for us.  Melanie expounded the scriptures to Simon and to Renee who are both residents of the care facility along with Jimmy.  It was really a good experience and once again we see how Jimmy can influence people for good from his bed.

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