Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 75 - Nov 1st - 7th, 2015 - Start of month 18

Sunday, November 1st - Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Our week 75 started out with our last Fast Sunday in South Africa.   We attended again along with our friends and members in the Seshego Branch.  I took a turn to share my testimony with them and it felt very good (I also did this on the first Fast Sunday after we arrived and attended the Roodepoort Ward in Joburg).  Thus fulfilling a small piece of my patriarchal blessing which states in part that I would be blessed to share my testmony with others, even in lands far from home.

We dearly love these humble and faithful members and leaders of the Seshego Branch.   Parting with them will not be easy for us.

But, true to our duties, we got right on track once again Monday morning and headed to Pretoria where we were to meet and train our new Mission Office couple the Hawkins.  We and our Mission are so blessed to have them arrive here!  We are thankful for them and their willingness to serve a mission.  

Coincidentally, they are from Victor Idaho and their Stake President is a cousin of mine whom I don't know, Ryan Kunz of my mother's Kunz family who spread up that way years ago from the Bern, Idaho/Montpelier area.

Anyway, we had a reasonably good week or couple of days of training allowing for the shipping and receiving of all of the mission office furniture, equipment, files, boxes etc from Botswana.  We had to get these things in place and then the IT people to get the systems up and running.   All came together quite well except for the Telkom land-line phone side of things.

We did get some quality training in for the Hawkins and also some orientation things about life here in South Africa.   Hope we didn't cause them any unnecessary worries.   They will do fine.   They were driving a car and had their own flat (a temporary vacant Elders flat) until they can get one closer to the office park.

We returned to Thornhill Estates and our flat and enjoyed our own beds once again.

We were blessed to finish up our usual week with our visit to Jimmy and our new young investigator 'Simon', Jimmy's pal.

Then some nice video calls with kids and Gkids at home and another week has rushed by.

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