Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 76 - Nov 8th - 14th, 2015

Sunday, November 8th - Saturday, November 14th, 2015

This week had both some wonderful and some unusual events.  To start the week off as we started the car Sunday morning to head to church we found it running roughly, like on 1 of 4 cylinders which were trading back and forth.  And, the engine malfunction dummy light came on so a quick check of the manual indicated that the car had to go straight to the dealer for servicing.   So, we missed church.  They were watching the Saturday sessions of General Conference so we already knew who the three new Apostles were etc.

Monday morning I had to personally do what I've told the Elders to do when they've had car trouble.  Follow the procedures and get it repaired.  In the meantime make whatever arrangements you can to obtain proper and safe transport.  So, I called the roadside assistance number on the sticker on my window and before too long, about an hour, there was a tow truck here to take the car across town to the dealer service center.

We followed along and arranged for the car to be diagnosed and repaired.   This was followed up later by a couple of phone calls from the dealer to inform me of the problem, a bad ignition component and wiring which would have to be replaced.   No problem, the warranty would cover most of it, cost estimate R8000+.  The part would be ordered and they would get it overnight and have the car ready by Tuesday pm. or Wednesday.

So, in the meantime I recalled that since the Seshego Elders area was temporarily closed down there was a spare car available.  So I arranged with the Zone Leaders to come get us so we could get their sort of beat up, stick shift, no A/C, crank windows, car.  Had to gas it up of course.  This would put a severe cramp on our travels until we get our car back.   We are not supposed to drive around with the windows down but we had to go a few places anyway.   We just had to time ourselves carefully for certain times of the day and only certain places.

Come to find out, as usual, two days finally turned in to 'some time next week, the part isn't in yet'.   So, Melanie wrapped up her hair in a scarf best she could and we were careful as to when and where we went.   The weather was in the mid-90's all week long too, so driving when we did was sort of like a blast furnace!

Too hot to cook sometimes, so a meal of peanut butter with apple slices is as good as it gets.

Also, neighbor Maggie gave Melanie some beautiful roses but after one day of mid-80's heat in the flat they too bowed down under the pressure of weariness and heat fatigue.

As to this story which by end of the week had not ended.   Pres and Sister Wilson were taking Elder and Sister Butler back down to Pretoria and then to the airport.   So the Butler's brought their Nissan Tida down from Tzaneen on Sunday afternoon the 15th so we could drive that until our car was repaired.   Thank you Lord for a blessing!

We did manage during the week to have a correlation meeting with the Elders, Lybe and Diogo to catch up on their coverage of Seshego which is now an additional area due to a shortage of Elders for at least one transfer.  They also need some things for their flat, many light bulbs, a shower curtain, etc. which we got for them.

We were able to get out to Seshego on Wednesday evening to see the Molepo family which included Gpa and Gma Molepo, Gwen the YW Pres, and Martha the Primary Pres. along with their kids.  It is always a treat for us to be with them.  Melanie shared some Primary program things with Martha so they could get their program ready to present, slow doing it, but it will be good.

Friday the 13th was our 45th Anniversary so Melanie and I were able to go to a nice restaurant, Saskia's, here in Polokwane for dinner.  We're even more in love now than we ever have been.   This mission has added a whole new and sort of unexpected dimension to our marriage relationship.

At home our kids gathered for their own Friday the 13th celebration which is now a wonderful family tradition we share together.

We attended the weekly District Meeting.   The Wilson's and the Hawkins came up.  While they were meeting I showed Elder Hawkins how we did car inspections so we did the ones that were there at the meeting.  Not too bad since there were only three Elders cars.   Just needed one windshield replaced, along with three or four tires and a couple of bent rim wheels.   Makes you wonder sometimes how these Elders go so long without taking better care and preventative maintenance on their cars.   They do hate walking when their car is in the shop.

We ended our week as usual with our weekly visit to see Jimmy Letsoalo and now his sidekick non-member young friend Simon.  We love these guys so much, we will truly miss them when we go home.

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