Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 23 - Nov 2nd - 8th, 2014 - Start of Month 6

Sunday, November 2nd to Saturday, November 8th

In matters of taste swim with the current and compromise as you will, but in matters of principle stand fast on the rock of your foundation with unfailing courage!

Melanie stays busy at the Mission Office reception desk when she's not out buying and preparing furnishings and supplies for over 100 apartments.

This week Melanie made a 'thankful' tree for the Elders, etc. to fill out on a leaf what they were thankful for.  Sort of a Thanksgiving Day activity mainly for those who will miss this holiday at home.  But, many of our Elders are from countries in other places of the world where this is not celebrated.

I am thankful that we have running water available so we don't have to find alternate means of carrying it around to where we need it.

We are thankful to have each other to help load, lift and move furniture etc when we need help (and all dressed up with badges on too).

We are thankful for a car and a truck to drive so we don't have to run across dangerous highways where drivers might not pay close attention to the signs warning of running pedestrians.

We are thankful to avoid hitting these street vendors 'hawkers' who try to make a living while dodging cars and trucks on freeways and busy highways.

We are thankful for Public Safety warning signs to help us know we are entering in or passing through a dangerous crime area.

We are thankful that PETA doesn't exist here in South Africa or how else could we get a picture of these lovely 'dead' animals of all types and variety.

But most of all we are thankful for the Savior, Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice and resurrection that gives us meaning in our service as full-time missionaries and that also gives us hope, along with all of the rest of the people ever to have been born on this earth, for an opportunity to return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father as eternal families to enjoy each other forever!

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