Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 25 - Nov 16th - 22nd, 2014

Sunday, November 16th to Saturday, November 22nd

Taught our YSA SS lesson on Daniel and Esther.  We enjoy being able to teach and associate with these YSA's here.

We moved some Elders from a sort of bad situation to a better flat hopefully.  Their old one wasn't exactly a healthy setting.  Now they have clean water flowing through their pipes also with enough pressure to shower.  

Trip one with p-day help from the Elders and the Ward YM's presidency.

Trip two with a little help from the Senior moving couple!

Had a little down time due to sickness this week, but it sure does make homemade chicken soup taste wonderful and feels so good.  Better than the fate of this guy though:

So while we still got some office work accomplished it was sort of a week of rest and recuperation with some meds too.

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