Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week 57 - Jun 28th - Jul 4th, 2015 - Start of month 14 - Reassigned to Botswana/Namibia Mission

Sunday, June 28th - Saturday, July 4th, 2015

This week started off with a shocker!  On Sunday we were invited down to Pretoria for a special conference where new wards were created a new stake was created and our Johannesburg Mission was divided up with part moving into the Botswana/Namibia Mission.

Our part!   As of Wednesday, July 1st we officially became part of this change over along with three other senior couples 

Sis (Pres) Wilson, the Campbells, us, the Butlers, the Winwards

and over 30 of the young Elders.   Amazing, and all still part of the Lord's work moving forward, pressing forward!  

Our mission now in three countries.



South Africa

On Saturday the 4th we were met with the bittersweet news of July 3rd reporting that another beloved Apostle Elder Boyd K. Packer had passed away.   We loved him.  He was always forthright and direct with clarity in his teachings and guidance.   We will miss him as well as the many others who have now passed along to their eternal rewards.

We are loving the kids of Seshego as we meet with many of them each week at basketball.  It's still going great.

We were happy to video with the family back home as they celebrated another 4th of July without us.   They had a great time together.   We will defer until next Monday and cookout with our other three senior couples.

In spite of all the happiness, sadness, and changes, Melanie still reminds me to take time to smell the flowers as we walk around our housing area!

Yes, I look at trees, and flowers. Larry stops to watch a big garbage truck, then to watch some men using a jack hammer to break through the bedrock where they are building a house, next he found a big termite mound that had been killed and he looks down the hole then finds a broken brick to drop in it. He likes to talk to workers and gardeners along the way on our morning walks. He's curious


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