Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 59 - Jul 12th - 18th, 2015

Sunday, July 12th to Saturday, July 18th, 2015

The week started off with a wonderful family at church.  Gpa and Gma Molepo accepted the invitation to come to church to see two of their grandsons, who happen to be brothers (Joyce's sons) administer the sacrament together, Mark and Thabo (sweater vests, back row).   We were so excited for them all.   They have become wonderful and special friends!

The senior couples got together for lunch on p-day.  This burger was more than tempting but I actually ended up eating a chicken salad with deep fried cheese sticks.

Friday at basketball was another fun day with about 25 kids.   They have taken an unholy interest in my bald head and my hat!

We assisted our good friend the Relief Society President Mary Lamola with making travel arrangements to SLC for the October General Conference.    Her first trip by air.   She is super excited and a little nervous too!

Mary's grandson Oratile was baptized this week, another wonderful family milestone for them.   His parents were just married and sealed in the Temple in June.  He's been staying with his 'Granny' and will do so until school is out in December, then he'll move on to be with his parents.

The Molepo family celebrated multiple family birthdays this week with a bounce house, a tent, many decorations, six cakes, a lot of food and a yard full of friends!   They really know how to do a party!  We only ate some of the cake.

We've been a little concerned this week to see some demolition and hopefully relocation taking place of many hundred tin shacks located on our way to Seshego.  Following is some before and after pictures of what's going on.

In our RS and Priesthood meetings as they cover the teachings of Pres Benson we are both getting a new and interesting perspective on these 'pioneer' members take on the doctrines that we've become accustomed to taking for granted.   Today's was on the priceless temple blessings.    Last week's was on the Holy Ghost.   Wonderful people with humble hearts and willing to learn and learn and do what's right.   We truly love them.

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