Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 63 - Aug 9th - 15th, 2015

Sunday, August 9th - Saturday, August 15th, 2015

This week was very, very busy, quite exciting as well.  First off, the Sacrament Meeting announcement that on the following Sunday, August 16th, the 'new Seshego Branch' of the Church would be organized.  A dream come true and answer to many prayers soon to happen, next week.  One of the Young Women dressed in a traditional 70's style dress to good to pass up a picture.

Monday was a holiday, Women's Day they call it here to show love and respect and honor to the women who make almost everything worthwhile happen that happens here in South Africa.

Melanie and I took a brief road trip up to the north by the Zimbabwe border to see the famous baobab trees along the way.  They are sometimes called 'upside down' trees because it looks like their roots are in the air.  Sort of interesting to see them and the baboons and the other stuff along the road trip.

How to load a little pickup truck to move your household.

Monday night we had two serious, and thank God, non-injury car crashes involving four Elders in two different cities.  Both cars were totaled though.  So began a new experience for me to try to be of some assistance in the process of dealing with the Elder's while communicating with the President and the Area fleet manager.

On Thursday, Pres and Sister Wilson arrived to begin some interviews prior to and before the callings started for the organization of our new Seshego Branch presidency along with the reorganization of the Branch presidency of the existing Polokwane Branch since Elder Winward will be leaving for home next month.

After the interviews we met the Wilson's at the Cape Town Fish Market for all-you-can-eat sushi (he went on a mission to Japan).  Melanie and I had some chicken noodle salad dish.   But we did have a nice visit with them.

Friday morning we all met with our local Mokopane District for their weekly meeting.

Friday night the Pres was involved in issuing the rest of the callings so things would be ready for the Sunday meetings.  Melanie then hosted them for dinner at our flat.  She fixed a crock-pot full of chicken pot pie kind of stuff, all edible though.   It was good.    She does some great service of all types here.   We all enjoyed it and then visited about some mission operations support issues that needed some attention.

Saturday they headed over to Tzaneen to train some Melchizedek Priesthood leaders and we went to visit Jimmy at the care center.

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