Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 65 - Aug 23rd - 29th, 2015

Sunday, August 23rd - Saturday, August 29th, 2015

A little more difficult start to this week since Melanie was dealing with a very bad and painful toothache.  She was trying to get relief from pain meds which didn't help a lot.  And, she was taking antibiotics to deal with the abscess and swelling.  Fortunately, sort of, we were able to arrange a quick trip down and back to Joburg on Monday to see her dentist.  She will need a return trip in a couple of weeks for a root canal procedure.  She was strong but sad.

Next we moved on to the birds and the bees, literally some fun observations while we walk for a little exercise in the mornings.

These are called masked weaver birds and the males weave the nests on the ends of small branches (that's to keep the snakes from getting to the eggs and chicks).  Then if the female likes it they use it, if not she snips it off and it drops to the ground and the male starts all over again.

These jumbo black african bumblebees are all around pollinating the blossoming box hedges that grow so easily and quickly around here.

This flock of Guinea Hens hangs out around the long-term care center where we go weekly to visit our member quadriplegic friend Jimmy Letsoalo.
Around the place where Melanie gets her hair done is an antique shop.  I was waiting for her to finish and happened to notice some sort of interesting things they have around.   The old cash register really caught my eye!
Since it's back to school time at home I thought I'd show you what the real students look like here in South Africa.  No matter the school, they all dress in uniforms and look good.   The high school age wear blazers and/or sweater vests even in the hottest of weather.  I like the idea of a school kid looking like a school kid and not just dressed so casual and in 'play' clothes all of the time.

On Thursday evening Melanie and I hosted the new Seshego Branch Presidency for some 'new leaders' training.  They are so excited and full of enthusiasm to help their new Branch to become strong and successful and to continue to grow.  Faithful and strong!

I got this most unusual picture while driving back to our flat from our weekly basketball at Seshego.  Notice the orange sun setting in west as you can see in the rear view mirror.  Also see the large moon, soon to be full, rising in the east as you will see just above the sign over the road lanes.
Last but not least, maybe it should be least.   A little something for those who just wonder how 'everything' works here in South Africa.  The first metal out-house is a typical fixture in shack towns everywhere and is also erected on new building lots by the contractors for their crew to use.  Notice this one is actually 'plumbed' into the sewer until the house is finished, then it is removed.
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This last one is just a collection of restroom icons that I keep adding to whenever we see one that is a little unique, different, or unexpected!  I will not mention the name of the beloved Mission President who is posing with the crown and the golden toilet brush in a teaching moment to impress upon the young Elders that taking care of your facilities is something all should be involved in.

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