Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week 64 - Aug 16th - 22nd, 2015 - New Seshego Branch Organized!

Sunday, August 16th - Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

This week started off in a most wonderful and terrific payday kind of way.  Our little group in Seshego, a part of the Polokwane Branch for over four years was officially organized as a new Branch, the Seshego Branch of the Tzaneen District of the Botswana/Namimbia Mission!  

The new Branch Presidency is Pres. Mashsishi with 1C Pres. Sefara, 2C Pres. Mogotha, Clerk is Bro Macheru and Elder's President is Pres. Chirinda, all of them are first generation members of the Church.   Pres. Chirinda is a returned missionary who actually served in this area while in the Joburg mission.  These brethren will do a great work!  It is a privilege to work with them.

After Sacrament Meeting we all went into the school courtyard for a picture of the new Branch.

Melanie and I met with Elder's Tumarae and Diogo after the District Leaders meeting in Botswana.   These Elders finished up their week Saturday evening giving Melanie a blessing for her serious toothache and pain.  Gratefully, it helped much!  She wanted Elder Diogo to seal the blessing because of his great spirituality and humility.

While at District Meeting we saw another really good chalk drawing by the young Primary boy Alexander of the Polokwane Branch.  The sun was shining through the window so without paying any attention I turned the board around to take a picture of it and not until I prepared it for posting did I realize the Church official picture on the wall just to the right side of the chalk drawing, coincidence?

Basketball had the whole Tzaneen Zone of 14 Elders for support and community service.  They had fun and enjoyed playing with the kids that showed up.  Another good BB day in Seshego.  The little man in the plaid shirt on the bottom couldn't even make a shot a month or two ago.  Today he won the competition by shooting best of all!

On Saturday, we held a special District street contacting blitz in the main shopping area of Seshego using the Book of Mormon.  In the course of less than the two hours we had there we gave out about 50 books to those who said they wanted one and 30 signed up their names and contact information so the Elders can go and teach them more.   This will be a good boost for our Seshego Elders who are already busy.

 While out and around walking in our housing area we stopped by to visit with the contractor who is building a mansion just up from us a little way.  This is the rendering of what it will look like when it is completed in six or eight months.   He said it is pre-sold but on the market it would go for about $1 million.  There are some nice places here but again they stand in stark contrast to the tin shacks built of their $10 sheets of corrugated metal which lie outside the township areas.

Melanie wanted a picture of this laborer girl who was working on a townhouse across from us.  She liked the green worker's garb covered with a brown skirt and the soft bucket hat covered by the hard hat.  Guess she's got the bases covered.

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