Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week 61 - Jul 26th - Aug 1st, 2015

Sunday, July 26th - Saturday, August 1st, 2015

We think we might have hit the cold spot of the winter as shown by our flat thermometer.  It gets cold at night, we put on the space heaters to warm up in the morning.

A great day this Sunday for another baptism, this time Sister Comfort Ama Doe from Ghana.   She was very happy!  As were the Elders Tumarae and Diogo.

The mornings are still great for walking together.   Melanie liked this blooming cactus type plant but it had some sharp edges on it that snagged her arm as she posed.  (Arm healed after a few days)

We had to shop for some things to help with a Zone Conference meal.  While there I thought I'd include this check-out queue used commonly at many stores, especially grocery type stores.  Everyone gets the next available checker and while in line they get a giant row of impulse items to choose from.   It works many ways believe me.  Wonder if I've seen this at home?  This store Makro is like Sam's Club or Costco.

Our Tzaneen Zone Conference was great.  Our first one with Pres and Sis Wilson.  Good meetings and instruction.   Good visits.   Some good food, sloppy joes, etc.  Good time together!

We had to leave Zone Conference just before it ended to get to Seshego for the Friday community service basketball activity.   Good we left, this time we had a record number there, about 50 not including the 6 Elders that thankfully showed up after their meeting ended.  We had more teenage boys today that they Elders played with.  One or more that they are teaching too!   Melanie and I stuck around with all of the younger ones on another adjacent court and had another good time with them.   We love them!

Saturday we headed over the mountain to Tzaneen for our semi-annual District Conference weekend.  We enjoyed an evening meal with the seniors to help celebrate Sister Campbell's birthday and the Wilson's 35th anniversary.   Great time, good food and wonderful company.  Too bad it was a bad picture, I was messing around with a panoramic mode that didn't work well and I didn't recognize it for a retake or a couple of better pictures.  Oh well.

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